Medical Instrument Repair

  • Medical and Dental Devices has over 12 years of medical instrument repair experience, we are able to diagnose, repair and maintain nearly all types of surgical equipment from drills, saws and reamers to dermatomes, power cords, endoscopes, cameras, and attachments.
  • Our highly skilled technicians can trouble shoot medical instrument malfunctions and recommend solutions to avoid future problems with your surgical equipment. No matter the make or model, no matter the condition, we can restore your equipment to original operating specs, often including instruments returned by manufacturer deemed “unrepairable.”
  • Pneumatic Powered, Electric Powered, Battery Powered or Cable Driven, we have the experience to bring surgical equipment back to reliable working order thus providing users with renewed confidence in their instruments performance.
  • All medical instrument repairs are warranteed for workmanship and new replacement parts. Loaners (if available) are usually available at no charge.
  • We provide free estimates and shipping on initial estimate.
  • Medical and Dental Devices provides the lowest wholesale prices in the industry.
  • Our technicians have experience in repairing a wide variety of medical instruments.

Oral surgical Instruments

Dermatology Instruments

Flexible and Rigid Endoscopes

Surgical Microscopes

Orthopedic Handpieces

Surgical Cameras


Phaco Instruments

Micro Instruments

Diamond Knives

Video Processors

Cryoprobes Instrument Tips

Ultrasound Probes, Cables, and Cords

Surgical Drills, Saws, and Reamers

Dermatology Instruments

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